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Better Health with Mum Mum

Our international nutritionist-endorsed menu is committed to making food a fun and healthy experience for your child. We provide a full disclosure of our ingredients - please feel free to ask MumMum’s service staff or our chef for information about any dish on our menu.

Fresh Food

For MumMum, food is all about premium ingredients prepared with love and attention. Our ingredients come fresh with no preservatives or additives. We build our dishes from the most basic ingredients: including dicing our own vegetables and blending our own sauces, marinades, dips, and dressings. We bake our own cakes without nuts. We craft, tweak and play with recipes to create delicious healthy food that kids love to eat.

Better Community!

MumMum not only prepares and serves healthy food, it is also involved in educating the community. We’re committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and helping children, parents, teachers and caregivers learn more about nutrition. MumMum believes that eating real food early in life instills life-long healthy eating habits. To learn more about MumMum’s catering programmes, click here