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Bouncy Room

Bouncy Room

Come bounce at mum mum

Bouncy Room

3D cinema

Live the movie experience at mum mum in 3D glasses

Bouncy Room

Your Garden

Plant your own flowers at mum mum vegetable walls

Bouncy Room

Eye play

Interactive games at mum mum to keep moving

In-house Nutritionist

Snezana Vrtanoska:

Joins mum mum as a certified holistic nutritionist. With over 10 years’ experience in the health industry, Snezana has acted as chief consultant at leading private practices around the world, including Macedonia and the UAE.

In her current role at mum mum, she is responsible for the development of a healthy catering menu. She creates monthly meal plans based on the nutritional needs of the school students whilst providing specialized parent consultations for child development and growth.

Snezana holds a 5-year Pharmaceutical degree from the University of Ciril & Metodij in Macedonia, and she has earned a Certified Holistic Nutritionist Diploma as well as an Applied Nutrition Diploma from Alive Academy in Canada.

Parent relation consultant

Donna Rayson:

More than 20 years experience in Nursery education. Specialized in early child development. CACHE Level 5 Diploma holder in Leadership for health and social and child and young people service. From 2012 she went into partnership with SEED Group.

Holds major role in parent relationship, strategic planning and in class presentations on benefits of healthy eating and how to make it part of your curriculum.

Donna can help build the culture of eating healthy among your children with ongoing support by doing in class presentations, continuous dialogue with parents during parent days and creating food pyramid and fun activities for class participations.

Selling options

mum mum provides daily lunch boxes freshly packed. We also serve at your location with out quality staffs. We are able to manage retail outlets or your canteen.